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Fishing Frenzy

Fishing Frenzy tests your reflexes as you battle the clock to catch as many fish as you can. Fishing Frenzy includes: -Easy, one click controls -Addictive reflex-based gameplay. <br><br><b>Instructions:</b> Use the mouse to aim. Click and hold to start the power bar. Release to cast. Click while casted to reel. To set the hook, quickly click when the fish pulls the bobber underwater. While reeling in a fish, keep the cursor in the middle of the bar by carefully clicking.
Weekend Fishing

Really fun and challenging fishing game. Catch as many fish as you can before time runs out.
Salmon Survival

This time you are the fish! Swim up the stream avoiding dangers such as fishermen's hooks and rocks. The further you swim, the higher your score! <br><br> <b>Instructions:</b> Hold mouse down to swim up and release it to swim down, but don't swim too low or too high; salmon can't breathe out of the water!
Fishing Trip

Here is an easy fishing game that can be fun. Seasoned pros and fishing newbies alike will delight in this unique gameplay experience. With 2 different modes of play, the action never stops. Think you're up for the challenge? Then grab your pole and take a Fishing Trip! Instructions: To pass each level, you will need to catch the specified amount of similar fishes in a row. In the begginig of the game you'll see how many similar fishes you have to catch in a row to finish the level and go the next one.The first level you'll begin with one fish-hook and very slow spinning rod. When you catch designated amount of the same fishes (Combo Goal), you'll be able to upgrade your ammunition in the shop. All fishes you catch will be automatically converted to cash after finishing each level.
Fish Mania

Catch as many fish as you can in the fun fishing game.
Lake Fishing

Easily one of the prettiest fishing games we have, You get to fish on a beautiful lake in the forest. Instructions:1. Select place for fishing. 2. Specify the place to throw bait. 3. Click anywhere on the screen to draw lines. Look for the tension lines. <br><br> Play this one in full screen mode until I can fix it..
Fishing Champion

Fish like a champion today!
Fishin' Fever

Get your Fever on with Fishin Fever. Click Full Screen to play - having trouble setting it up in regular mode.
Blow Fishing

Time to do a little fishing with some of the best all purpose lures ever made.

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